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Study to Investigate the Efficacy of Sleep Treatment for families of children with Autism

What is SIESTA?

SIESTA was developed among colleagues to help improve the lives of children with ASD through a sleep intervention. It will evaluate the efficacy of Malow's Sleep Education Manual (SEM) using a randomized control trial and longitudinal assessment. Caregivers in the SEM intervention will have 3 bi-weekly, 1 hour online sessions that will provide them with guidance and resources to help establish a bedtime routine for their child. Those caregivers in the Online Health Education Program (OHEP) intervention will receive psychoeducation surrounding their child's health. Findings from this study will help better develop sleep interventions and improve outcomes of children with ASD by making these interventions more accessible for families.

Learn More!

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To be added to the waitlist for this project, email our Project Coordinator, Sydney Park: 

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