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COVID-Related Impact on Students and Parents Project

What is CRISP?

The CRISP project is a research study that was developed with collaborators at the University of Oregon to understand the long-term impact of school closures on a wide range of families, including those with children preschool-age through adolescence, and those of children with and without disabilities. This study seeks to understand how the pandemic may have impacted children’s social, emotional, and academic development, as well as parenting adjustment. What we learn from this study will help us know how to better support children and families as we transition out of the pandemic.

The CRISP Project's sample includes families from several previous studies including The PRO-Parenting Project, Dr. Chan's Dissertation Project, The Positive Family Support Project, The Bridges Study, Kid Brain Network, Oregon Early Autism Project (OEAP) and Oregon Parenting Project (OPP).  

Learn More!

To learn more about this project, visit our website:

If you are interested in getting involved, email our Project Coordinator, Melissa Miranda:

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